First Visit

Your journey to painfree living begins the minute you arrive at Speed River Physiotherapy. Here is a brief description of your first appointment.

 Question & Answer Assessment

Question and Answer Assessment


You read our Welcome Letter and complete a consent form.
You answer health questions asked by your physiotherapist.
You change into appropriate clothing.


Your physiotherapist will introduce themselves and escort you to a private treatment room.
Your physio conducts a detailed health interview.
Your physio thoroughly explains the testing part of your assessment.


 Movement & Posture Assessment

Movement and Posture Assessment


You relax as your physio observes your posture and then conducts specific tests.
Report what you feel during the testing.
Always ask questions for clarification or just to learn more about your body.


Your physio explains what they observe with your posture and describes the movement tests they will perform.
Specific tests are conducted at and around the painful region - movement, balance, strength, sensation to name a few.
Your physio explains their findings from the tests and begins to describe the plan for treatment.


 Treatment & Exercise Prescription

Treatment and Exercise Prescription


Again, all you need to do is relax during the treatment.
You perform the prescribed corrective exercises as instructed by your physio.
Book a future appointment to continue with your prescribed treatment plan.


Your physio conducts a 'hands-on' treatment to assist in tissue and joint recovery at or around your painful site.
They may apply a modality such as heat, ultrasound or acupuncture to relieve pain and promote healing.
Finally, your physio prescribes exercises and gives you cues to recognize more optimal posture. He/she will also give you instructions for booking follow-up appointments.