Brenda Scott-Thomas

Registered Physiotherapist
Clinic Owner

I am a ‘Friendly Manitoban’ by nature and a Guelphite since 1997. I have come into my profession honestly having grown up with my father who worked hard in his private practice as an orthodontist and my mother who gave up a nursing career to raise me and my 3 siblings. You could describe me as a ‘nurturing perfectionist’ with those role models!

I decided to pursue a career in physiotherapy from a love of human anatomy and body mechanics as well as from personal experience as a competitive track runner. After graduating from Queen’s University my family moved to Guelph. I worked at a private practice clinic in town for almost 10 years. In that time, I was encouraged to work on continuing my manual therapy education so that I could perfect my ‘hands-on’ skills and achieved my diploma in Intermediate Manipulative Therapy in 2006.

In 2007 I decided to go out on my own and opened my own clinic to continue my professional journey as the owner of Speed River Physiotherapy. 

My caseload has grown steadily in the 25 years I have been in Guelph as my "new" patients tend to stay on indefinitely to continue to seek and achieve optimal health in their daily lives and activities.  I am priveleged to be involved as a "health facilitator" in teaching and guiding through this process of self-discovery and as a result I continue to learn and finetune my skills. Unfortunately the size of my caseload has affected my ability to take on new patients.  I enjoy meeting new faces and challenges and will continue to accept new patients if you have the patience to wait for me and are willing to be an active participant in your own pursuit of optimal health and wellbeing.