Dr. Marco Lozej

Doctor of Chiropractic



I first came to Guelph in 1992 to study Human Kinetics and play varsity soccer and
squash for the University of Guelph. With a fondness for our Guelph community I
am happily still here 30 years later. These days you can find me active in the outdoors
with my family of five, with friends or passionately working as a chiropractor striving to
help my patients be the best they can be.
Professionally I have become one of the country's leading chiropractors for athletes from
the playground to the Olympics.
Through a combination of manual therapy, contemporary medical acupuncture, soft tissue techniques, and education on self-help strategies I meet patients’ needs by treating and proactively preventing injuries with the goal of enhancing performance. I provide chiropractic care to the Gryphon varsity athletes including collaborating directly with the track and field, soccer and hockey teams. I have been the chiropractic provider to the Guelph Triathlon Project and also for Athletics Canada on multiple occasions since 2014.
What can you expect from a chiropractic session?
There is sometimes a misconception that chiropractic care always involves manipulation
and leads to chronic care. I have a variety of diverse treatment tools that can be
incorporated into your care, which may or may not include manipulation, depending on
your condition. I can work successfully with the other disciplines to provide a
comprehensive approach to your health and performance goals.
When facing a sports or activity-related injury, identifying the primary cause is key to
successful treatment. Often pain in one body part is caused by abnormal patterns of
movement involving the body as a whole. I specialize in performing interconnected
functional assessments and then work within them to find solutions.