Megan Robinson

Registered Massage Therapist

As a child growing up in Franklin Lakes,New Jersey, I was rather shy and introverted until my parents enrolled me in a dance class at the age of five. This class proved to be the first step in a lifelong passion and its numerous therapeutic applications.

For many years my main focus was ballet until I attended Ryerson University's Bachelor of Fine Arts Dance program in 2004 and took my first modern dance class. Modern dance quickly became the discipline I favoured most and it continues to be an essential part of my life. At Ryerson I had also taken a course in anatomy geared towards injury prevention in dancers. I was drawn to the complexity of the human body and how it can be manipulated to strike a healthy balance between the physical and the mental state. 

After graduation in 2008 I moved to New York City to pursue a career in dance. This led to many exciting projects for the next three years, but the seeds that had been planted in university grew too big to ignore and I found myself drawn to manual therapy with the intention of helping individuals find wellness. Upon returning to Guelph I enrolled in the Canadian College of Massage and  Hydrotherapy where I graduated with honours in 2014.It excites me to be a part of both the Guelph dance community and the health practitioners they work with because I am constantly learning from both. My other interests include snowshoeing in the winter, hiking in the summer and travelling to our family cabin in Nestor Falls, Ontario every summer with my better half, Daniel.