Sarah McNamee

Registered Physiotherapist

I grew up in Guelph and graduated from the University of Toronto Physiotherapy class of 1993. I then lived in the United States for 21 years, raising my 2 daughters in the mountains of Vermont.
In 2021, I returned to Guelph to be closer to my parents to assist them as they navigate the aging process.

Over the years, I have strived to continuously improve my manual therapy skills and delve deeper into understanding the mind-body connection as it relates to health and disease.
I draw upon treatment techniques including myofascial release, muscle energy, structural integration and cranio sacral therapy. My aim is to assist each person to gain freedom in their movement and joy in each step of their life.
In 2021, I graduated from massage school in Sedona, Arizona. This training assisted me to gain a greater understanding of the fascia in the body, and recognizing its mobility being the key to health.

My other loves include animals and nature. I combine them by walking in the woods with my rescue dog Roo.